Fighting Fake News

Fighting Fake News
Tuesday, April 4 — 6-7:30 PM
Library Training and Events Room, 2001 Delmar Avenue
Tuesday, April 25  — 6-7:30 PM
Branch Library, 2145 Johnson Road
Fake news can be a real problem when the internet lets anyone write the headlines.
Learn the skills you need to sort out the sensationalism and find sources you can trust
Questions? Call 452-6238 ext 730

Book Club

Book Club!
The last Monday of the month
Morning Meeting —11 AM
Branch Library, 2145 Johnson Road
Evening Meeting—6:30 AM
Kool Beanz Café, 1316 Niedringhaus Avenue
Join the Six Mile Regional Library Book Club for a morning or evening discussion of
Leaving Berlin by Joseph Kanon.
Copies of the book are available at both libraries.
Questions? Call 452-6238 ext 755

Story Time

Story Time
Every Monday Night 6:30-7:30 PM
Training and Events Room, Downtown Library, 2001 Delmar Avenue
Every Thursday Morning 10-11 AM
Branch Library, 2145 Johnson Road
Questions? Call 452-6238 ext 720

Jan Brett 2017 Free School or Library Visit Contest

Jan Brett 2017 Free School or Library Visit Contest

Okay Folks – we didn’t win last year, but we’re going to try again. It is very important that you fill in the form with our official name and address:
Six Mile Regional Library District
2001 Delmar Avenue, Granite City, IL 62040.
There is only one entry per person so it’s extremely important that you ask your friends and relatives to vote for us.
If we get enough votes we can get acclaimed children’s author Jan Brett to come to our town!
To help us win enter before April 3rd by clicking either the picture or link below
Thank you!