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Fishing and Hunting Licenses Available at Six Mile Regional Library District

Fishing and Hunting Licenses Available at Six Mile Regional Library District

Granite City – Monday, August 28, 2017

You can get more than a library card at the Six Mile Regional Library District! Now, at the Delmar Avenue library, you can also get your Illinois Department of Natural Resources non-commercial fishing and hunting licenses.

As far as our research shows, SMRLD is the first, and only, Illinois library and the second library nation-wide to sell fishing and hunting licenses. The Gunderland Public Library in Gunderland, New York was the first and, for a long while, only library in the country to sell fishing and hunting licenses.

Stop by our Customer Service Desk, 2001 Delmar Avenue, Granite City, Monday through Thursday 9 AM – 8 PM and Friday and Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM for your IDNR licensing needs.

Illinois Resident first-time purchasers need to bring proof of residency as well as an Illinois Driver’s License or ID, or Social Security Card, and Date of Birth. For Illinois Resident renewals, your previous IDNR license is adequate.

Those living outside of Illinois need to bring their previous IDNR license, or other state Driver’s License, or Social Security Card, and Date of Birth. A social security number will be required of all US citizens for the purposes of attaining an Illinois license.

Our mission: The Library makes a significant difference in the everyday lives of the people, institutions, and communities of Granite City, Mitchell, and Pontoon Beach by listening, understanding, and then transforming needs into proactive library services.

For more information, call (618) 452-6238.

Fishing Hunting Licenses Press Release 2017

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New RBDigital App Coming Soon

New RBDigital App Coming Soon

OneClickdigital and Zinio for Libraries are combining into RBDigital, an app that will allow you to checkout, listen, and read all your titles from the same platform.

On June 27, RBDigital will be sent to your device via an update to your OneClickdigital app. If you have automatic updates, you will not need to do anything.  If you have manual updates turned on, you will still be able to use OneClickdigital for the foreseeable future.

The Zinio for Libraries app will be updated on or around July 10.
However after September 8, emagazines will only be available via the RBDigital app.

Despite the different dates, you will be able to see both your emagazines and eaudiobooks in RBDigital on June 27, but you will have to re-download items you have checked out.

Questions? Call 452-6238 ext 730

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Brain Food

Brain Food
This summer, Twigs and the Six Mile Library are teaming up to bring stories,
activities and crafts to some of the lunch locations.
So when you stop to eat lunch, stick around… have some fun and feed your brain too! 
6/6 11:30 AM Triangle Park (Rock Road) & 12:30 PM Tri-City Park (McCambridge)
6/20 11:30 AM Outreach House (2617 E. 25th) & 12:30 PM Worthen Park (Maryville & Parkview)
7/11 11:30 AM First United Presbytarian Church (2160 Delmar Ave) 7 12:30 PM Lincoln Place Park (Niedringhaus & Maple)
7/25/ 11:30 AM Community Garden (Missouri & 21st) & 12:30 PM Wilson Park (2900 Benton)
 To learn more, to volunteer, or donate, go to or email
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The Library Board of Trustees are looking to fill an open board seat.

Now Accepting Applications
Want to become a Library Trustee and Join the SMRLD Board of Directors?

The Six Mile Regional Library District Board of Trustees is seeking candidates to fill
a vacancy on our seven-member Board, which sets the library’s tax levy and
budget as well as library policies. Since 1990, when the library became a district,
the board has levied taxes for the purposes of maintaining a library for District
residents. The library will derive 95% of its operating revenue from property
taxes in fiscal year 2017.

Candidates may be selected to be interviewed by the Board. The appointment of
the individual chosen starts this summer and runs through April 2019. The
remaining term (through 2021) of this unpaid position will then be filled by a
candidate elected through the general consolidated election process in the spring
of 2019. At this time, the Board prefers to appoint a candidate who seriously
considers running for election in 2019.

Responsibilities and Duties:
Attend Board meetings
Preview the agenda, minutes and documents before each meeting
Participate in discussion and decision making at each meeting
Commit time outside of meetings for the work of the Board
Be knowledgeable about the goals, plans, history, and future of the library
Represent the library at community events, be visible and accessible
Have a sincere commitment to the purpose and mission of the library
Be informed about library issues through state and national library organizations
Be an advocate for the library community
Eligibility and Qualifications
Qualified elector/registered voter residing in the library district (62040)
Relevant professional, volunteer, or board experience
Knowledge of community interests

Submit your application, letter of interest, and resume/cv via email to (preferred) or hand deliver to 2001 Delmar Avenue, by June 16, 2017.
The resume/cv provides the following information: schools/degrees attained/year of graduation; present occupation & employer/# of years with this employer (previous if retired); current and past board, civic, and other volunteer/community activities.

SMRLD Board Application-FILLABLE

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Let’s Get Social

Follow SMRLD on your favorite social media site Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Jan Brett 2017 Free School or Library Visit Contest

Jan Brett 2017 Free School or Library Visit Contest

Okay Folks – we didn’t win last year, but we’re going to try again. It is very important that you fill in the form with our official name and address:
Six Mile Regional Library District
2001 Delmar Avenue, Granite City, IL 62040.
There is only one entry per person so it’s extremely important that you ask your friends and relatives to vote for us.
If we get enough votes we can get acclaimed children’s author Jan Brett to come to our town!
To help us win enter before April 3rd by clicking either the picture or link below
Thank you!

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Granite City High School Student Art Exhibit

Granite City High School Student Art Exhibit

Come by and see the amazing artwork of some truly talented Granite City High School students!
On display at our Delmar Avenue library through March 31, 2017.

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New Year’s Resolutions: easy to make, tough to keep! Our collection of free, easy to download, always available Zinio magazines is ready to help


New Year’s Resolutions: easy to make, tough to keep!

Our collection of free, easy to download, always available Zinio magazines is ready to inspire you to:
Eat healthy
Get fit
Remodel your home
Reduce clutter
Be more productive at work and home
Travel the world
Save money – our selection of over 80 Zinio magazine titles is FREE with your SMRLD card!

Questions? Call 452-6238

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Please bear with us as we have a new phone system installed at both library locations


Please bear with us as we have a new phone system installed at both library locations. If at first you don’t succeed in reaching us, please try again. Phone numbers will remain the same .

2001 Delmar Avenue 618-452-6238
2145 Johnson Road 618-452-6244

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Banned Books Week 2016



Banned Books Week is an annual celebration of the important role American libraries play in ensuring that all library users have free access to the materials they need, without fear of censorship or repercussion. It’s easy to think of censorship as something that happened in the past or happens in other places, but every year the American Library Association receives reports of hundreds of challenges from around the country. A challenge is what libraries call it when someone asks that a book be removed from the library’s collection, challenging the rights of other library users to access that information.

The phrase “banned book” suggests an authority figure outlawing a book for their own political gain or a strict librarian deciding that a book isn’t good enough to deserve a place in the library. In reality, most of the challenges reported to the American Library Association start with an ordinary library user who finds something in the library they disagree with and assumes that other library users share, or should share, their views.

The library exists for all members of the community and must serve them all equally. That means no individual gets to determine what others get to read. A book that offends one person may be very important to others. Libraries support the idea of intellectual freedom — each person’s freedom to read, think, and believe whatever they want. It’s this freedom that we celebrate each year during Banned Books Week.

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